Dream Your Dream And Learn How To Fund Your Business With Donations.

5050 Zoom Training With CEO David Rosen.

*Legal Definition of legitimacy. : the quality or state of being legitimate.

I share and have made my donations to both system of 5050, the first one  which I call my low end donation were you start at $25, you will find it at this link here 5050 FastFunding

And the high end donation were you start at $250 can be found here at 50/50 CF 

Only join if you’re ready to make you first Donation of $250 at 50/50 CF, or $25 at the low end with 5050 Fast.

50/50 CF is a Peer to Peer System, which means there is No Waiting For A Matrix to Fill, No Middleman and 100% of all Donations are Immediately Assigned to a Beneficiary. You pick the way you want to receive your donation. 50/50 CF Provides you with an Easy to Navigate, Totally Automated Dashboard that Displays Everything in Real-Time to Allow You to Monitor Your Donations Second by Second. This 2×2 is just One Time Out Of Pocket Donation Ever.

50% Always Goes To You!!! You get two and you break even. Teach your two to do the same. Cycle with just 6 people and do this Over & Over again. When your 2×2 Matrix fills, another one automatically and immediately opens for you to receive more donations  without additional effort or requirements. This is a great way to fund your needs as well as others.